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Stump Removal and Grinding

After a tree is cut down, you’re always stuck with a stump that’s awkward and a real eyesore. This stump can also be dangerous, as someone may trip over it and injure themselves on your property. That is why we at Green Leaf Tree Service offer stump removal and grinding services to all stumps, whether or not we were the ones who cut down the tree. We can safely and efficiently remove the stump from your property and clean up all of the wood chips left behind so that you are able to effectively lay down sod, grass seed, mulch, or whatever method you choose without any debris in the way.  

Our Stump Grinding Process 

A member of our stump removal and grinding service team will come out to inspect the stump to determine the number of workers needed, the safety of the job, and the price for removal. After ensuring there are no wires or gas or water lines running below the roots of the stump base, we will bring out the stump grinder and shred the old tree base into a pile of wood chips that can be easily removed.  

Our Stump Removal Process  

After we have ground down the stump into a pile of little wood chips, we can easily remove the pieces from the hole and rake the hole over with the rest of the dirt surrounding the stump. We will then be sure to level out the hole as well as we can to ensure no one accidentally steps into the hole and injures themselves.  

For more information and price estimations regarding our stump removal and grinding services, contact us at Green Leaf Tree Service. A member of our team will be happy to provide you with answers and assistance!

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