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Fallen Tree Removal

At Green Leaf Tree Service, we offer fallen tree removal services 24/7 to ensure our fellow citizens of the greater Charlotte area are safe and that their home or property can be fixed as soon as possible. We understand the importance of having a 24-hour tree service you can count on in times of trouble. Whether the fallen tree is from a natural disaster or an accident or just out of the blue, Green Leaf Tree Service will always be there for you.  

Our Tree Emergencies Process  

We will send out a member of our team as soon as we can to assess the damage and determine the equipment and workers needed to quickly and safely remove this tree from any area of damage. If it involves power lines, gas lines, or water pipe damage, we will work with emergency services and electric and gas companies to solve any immediate threats as soon as possible. If there are no immediate threats, we will get to work on removing the tree with great care to prevent any further damage to your property. 

Our fallen tree removal team will begin by cutting off any easily accessible pieces with saws and remove them from your property with whatever equipment is needed. Then, if necessary, we will bring in a crane to safely and effectively lift the tree up and out of the damaged area and onto a separate part of your property to be cut up and disposed of. We will then do our absolute best to clean up any debris from the tree on your damaged property, as long as it is safe to do so. We will then clean up any debris from our final cutting and removal process to lessen the amount of cleanup necessary.  

For more information on our fallen tree removal services, contact us now!  

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