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Tree Removal Service

At Green Leaf Tree Service, we understand the importance of having a tree removal service you can trust. No matter the size of the tree, we can safely remove it from your property without the worry of damage to yourself or your home.  

Our Process 

Our team will come out and assess the area to determine what equipment we’ll need to complete the job. We will then come back and begin our process to safely remove your tree. After we’ve removed each piece, we will clean up the area, removing all the wood and raking all the leaves and splinters left behind. After we’re done with the process, it will be as if the tree just vanished.  

Confined Space or Dangerous Conditions 

We provide our clients with secure, trusted tree removal services in all confined spaces or dangerous conditions. Even if your tree is tightly squeezed between buildings or electrical wires, we can safely remove it with a quick cleanup after the fact. It will be as if the tree was never there. We do this by using sectional falling, modern rigging techniques, and even cranes in certain situations. Sectional falling involves making strategic cuts in the tree to have it fall perfectly where it won’t hit or damage any property. Modern rigging techniques allow us to tie up branches and then cut them down so that we can lower them slowly and safely, even if they were originally in an unsafe location. Lastly, if we cannot drop pieces down to the ground because of possible damage below, we can bring in a crane to lift and move the different pieces to safe locations and then dispose of them.  

For information and pricing on our tree removal services, contact us now, and a member of our team will be happy to assist you! 

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